As some of the first Certified Green Professionals (CGP) in the Dallas area, our homes insure you they are built to the latest “green” standards. The term green building contains many kinds of materials, practices and issues. Reducing the environmental footprint of a home means not only conserving energy and water, but also reducing the impacts of building materials production and shipping. A green home can be built in a way that preserves the natural environment while providing the homeowner a safe and healthy indoor environment. Our “green built” homes can include the latest products of solar, geothermal, wind and rainwater collection for house water/irrigation.

As a member of the Home Builders Association, Green Built North Texas Initiative we strive through education, innovation and following the Green Built North Texas building practices to provide our customers with homes that have the following benefits:

• Reduced energy and maintenance costs
• Better indoor air quality
• Improved health, safety, comfort and durability
• Homes with less environmental impact
• Conservation of water, energy and other resources
• Energy efficient (Energy Star Rated)
• Less waste/long life cycle
• Renewable/recycled materials
• Environmentally minded products, materials and design practices
• Market distinction for resale

Our “green built” homes also meet all the standards set forth in the new City of Dallas Green Initiative starting October 2009.
In addition we offer LEED-H (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - Homes) construction. This Green Building Rating System is a building certification program defining high-performance green buildings as healthier and more environmentally-responsible structures.